Our workshop family!


Making good, Doing good 

At the beginning we collaborate with small workshops and factories, but since last season we decide to work only with our workshop and concentrate on our ethical goals,  It was challenging as we had to adjust with quality, know how and train our people, It was not and still not easy but day by day the path get clearer and better.

The slow artisan process behind our intricate embroideries and knitted details normally takes around 10 days, plus additional 3 days for shipping. Apart from helping us provide our artisans with fair living wages, our slow fashion approach allows us to tailor your order with small alterations such as changing the length, or increasing or decreasing the waist size.

Our commitment to quality, uniqueness, and ethics shines through each item in our collection. We team up with the wonderful seamstress and talented textile artisans of Madagascar to create one-of-a-kind garments with hand-made embroideries, crochet and knitting details. We primarily use natural materials such as cotton and wool which are durable, breathable and gentle to the skin, and we source our raw materials from sustainable farms in the region and across Europe.

Every piece from the Citron Jaune’s collection is infused with our passion for fashion and our values.

Our workshop is a place where the needs and expectations of our employees are understood and respected. Our skilled women and men have deep knowledge of the textile work, but unfortunately their talents and years of experience didn't help securing their future.

In Madagascar, like in other developing countries, artisans and textile workers live in poverty  (less than 65 USD/month salary ) and uncertainty (fluctuation of work demand), despite their hard work. Traditional textile factories operate as subcontractors for big brands, which put tremendous pressure on their operating expenses to remain competitive, dragging artisans’ wages to extreme low levels.


At Citron Jaune we believe that a new business model in fashion is possible, where a brand can offer high-end  products that satisfies the most demanding customers, while ensuring fair income and social support for its workers. We achieve this belief by reinvesting part of our benefits in health and education schemes for our employees, and offering fair wages for decent life conditions.


Our code of conduct is: No child labour, no forced labour, no physical disciplinary measures, no discrimination of any kind, reasonable working hours and overtime pay in accordance with local legislation, freedom of association and rights to collective bargaining, paid maternity leave, access to health care, and clean, healthy and safe work environment.