Means of Payment

Citron Jaune offers you different payment methods: Debit Card, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and e-carte bleue. Credit card payments are always carried out in Pounds, even if you navigate in another currency.
Citron Jaune also accepts payments by PayPal and bank transfers. You can therefore pay in euros, pounds or US dollars- Please note that transfer fees will be on your charges.

Order from United States are tax free.
For orders with countries of destination outside United States, the price does not include taxes. However, all orders are subject to potential customs taxes and fees of the country of destination. Your order may be detained and you might have to pay additional taxes and fees. The fees will have to be paid by the recipient of the package (this also applies to retail stores and wholesale).
Unfortunately, we do not have any control of the amount of fees and we are not able to determine the amount since the customs policies and the importation taxes vary from one country to another.
With provided proof, we will proceed the reimbursement of the customs fees !

It didn’t work?
At first, please verify your credit card details and the information provided to Citron Jaune (first name, last name, etc.) and try again. If not successful, please contact your bank to make sure your card can do this type of payment.
Please contact us, if you still cannot make it :