To Limit our ecological impact we try to take advantage to all available local resources. In the workshop, to avoid over waste we reuse, recycle whatever we can. 


We use mainly Cotton, Viscose that are taken from extra-production generated by large factories. From these dormant stocks we choose the finest qualities. Using these fabrics allows us to avoid emitting new waste inherent to a new production. 95% of the fabrics are certified Oekotex and therefore respectful of the environment, some fabrics are also certified BCI (Better cotton Initiative).

That's why our quantities per style are limited, but we re-edit our masterpieces over the seasons, in the same quality.

For our accessories, we use Raphia and zebu horn, two traditional local materials, available on site.

Raphia is a vegetable fiber, traditionally used to manufacture home textiles and clothing. Its quality and flexibility allow to create very pretty accessories whether for the beach or for the city. We respect the seasonality of the material, and we only buy during the harvest time to allow crops to regenerate.

The zebu horn is also part of the Malagasy heritage, we use it as decorative elements on our bags, belts etc ...Aside from that, our buttons whether they are in mother-of-pearl, wood or coconut are from local production, and are oekotex certified as well.