We partner this season with Arwad Khalifeh, a journalist that think sustainability is the new femininity ...

Arwad is an Arab-British broadcast journalist and international nomad, as well as an advocate of sustainability, fair trade and lobbying for human rights, in addition to the promotion of equality and peace. She’s deeply passionate about the written word, nature, love, anthropology and the Greek language. Currently, she spends her time between London and Dubai.  

Why choosing sustainability  for clothes ? 

We live in a world consumed by fast fashion. There is an excess of clothes and accessories and a lack of time and places to wear them to. There is absolutely no need for owning 50 pairs of shoes, 40 handbags, 100 blouses, 70 dresses.. well, you get the idea. If there is a way to make fashion sustainable in order to make our earth breathe better, all the while ensuring that the persons making the clothes/accessories are paid and treated fairly, wouldn't you choose those products instead? 

What did you like about Citron Jaune ? 

First of all, I love that this fashion label comes from Madagascar. But what attracted me to collaborating with Citron Jaune was their ethical standpoint on fashion. I deeply respect that the brand's founder and designer, Jenny Randria, came up with this label to help other women, her country and the environment. This is a label that cares about humanity before consumerism and that is something that I certainly stand behind. 

What did you like about the style ?

I really like Citron Jaune's relaxed style of clothing, their flowy yet romantic dresses, their smart-casual skirts and tops that are perfect for the office but also for an after-work outing. I appreciate the little details on each item which makes them unique and gives them character. I also love the vibrancy of the colours used, the high quality and softness of the materials - which are all sustainably-sourced by the way - and the fact that they're made with love by women who care about and appreciate the trade, and who are receiving decent pay and benefits for their skilled work.

Which can you see wearing Citron Jaune's clothes? 

To be honest with you, I can see women in their mid-twenties all the way up to their forties in Citron Jaune's clothes. To me, Citron Jaune represents someone who is a classic mix of fun yet mature, vibrant yet elegant, and vivacious yet classy. If you feel that you connect with the beautiful colours and designs this label offers, then Citron Jaune is for you.