''Empowering Women Physically, Economically Will Lead to ‘Cultural Transformation ' "U.N speaker, 2019

Our core value is to empower low income women and dignify the work that they are doing by giving them a living wages that is fair, access to health care coverage and good working conditions policy, such as :  reasonable working hours, overtime paid 20% more, maternity paid leave or the possibility to work from home for women artisans that cannot leave home  (small children, lack of social support). 

We believe that Malagasy women if given a stable work can support education and change the country future. As we grow, we intend to help more and more women, and see a significant change in the community. 

Our small team works like an artistic studio where the know-how of each one is valued and appreciated, everyone put his best and the magic operates! We like to think that we provide a framework where our employees feel good in a safe and clean environment. We want to be proud of our products but also the way that they are made.

Tradition and know-how

Madagascar is known for the finesse of its hand-embroidery, smocks, crochet and we integrate these techniques in our collections. This allows us to value the Malagasy traditional heritage that most rural and low income women have learned from their families while not having access to mainstream education. 

Training and Career 

In our workshop each person are constantly trained in order to improve skills and ability to work as a team . Workers are infused with the love to deliver excellent quality products and beside evolve inside a structure where they can learn new skills. 

Developing that experience, allow our workers to become valuable assets for us and help to build a stable structure where everybody feels valued and respected.