Citron Jaune is an ethical project that continuously improving its practices and try everyday to make it better, but we are aware that our actions can be limited and challenged. 

We believe that conscious and slow fashion can bring peace to your mind and ours, as you will know that the process behind serve you, the people who make your clothes and the planet by trying to use the most sustainable way available.

Here are some answers but feel free to contact us directly if you have more questions.

The item is “upon order” what does it mean?

The style is not in stock but good news we can make it for you, in order to reduce our waste, we don t have too much stock. Please select the item and proceed like a normal purchase, we will produce this item just for you! To make it look at its best, small alterations are possible (for example: waist size or length size- max 10 cm) let us know by writing your comments in the note section when you view your cart.

Also fabrics may change, depending on what we have in stock but don't worry we always have at least 5 choices or more.  

Ethical company?

At the beginning we collaborate with small workshops and factories, but since last season we decide to work only with our workshop and concentrate on our ethical goals,  It was challenging as we had to adjust with quality, know how and train our people, It was not and still not easy but day by day the path get clearer and better.

At Citron Jaune we believe that a new business model in fashion is possible, where a brand can offer high-end  products that satisfies the most demanding customers, while ensuring fair income and social support for its workers. We achieve this belief by reinvesting part of our benefits in health and education schemes for our employees, and offering fair wages for decent life conditions.

Our code of conduct is: No child labour, no forced labour, no physical disciplinary measures, no discrimination of any kind, reasonable working hours and overtime pay in accordance with local legislation, freedom of association and rights to collective bargaining, paid maternity leave, access to health care, and clean, healthy and safe work environment.


Who are the people who work in your workshop ? 


Most of them are women and have children. Like all the mothers in the world they dream for a better future for them. Our business model really motivate them and we hope to involve more and more women in the future.

How do I verify your ethical practices ? 

We guess you have to trust us !

Textiles makers are not only composed by big companies, but also small like us. To be certified is an expensive cost that we prefer to invest in improving our work conditions and social impact. That can change, if the organizations that provides those certifications adapt their cost to the size of the company that wish to be certified.

Organic materials and sustainability

We try to use the best quality and use the local resources to do so. However, as our production line is located in Madagascar, organic material is not still available yet, or they can be but don't have the international certification. We hope that it will be in the future, as we don't want to import it from outside and increase our carbon footprint.

For our winter collection, we use European wool and we 

Additionally, to reduce materials and energy waste, our clothes come in limited quantities. Again, If a garment you’ve fallen in love with is out of stock, don’t sweat! We cater to demand and reintroduce some of the most sought-after pieces.

How to become part of Citron Jaune’s social mission?

Please contact us by email, we will get back at you !